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Dr Doug Wilson


Ageing Well



The years after the age of fifty are often seen as years of
decline, but they certainly don’t have to be.


You can live a fit, healthy, happy and vibrant life as you age – if you know how.

Aging for Beginners

Aging for Beginners CVR.jpg

The world we know has changed dramatically and what the future might look like is harder and harder to assess.


For those entering the twilight years, this uncertainty is ever more challenging to navigate.

Dr Doug Wilson always dreamed of becoming a writer, but for a dyslexic kid, studying medicine seemed a more straightforward path. He went to Otago Medical School, then got a PhD from the University of London, and built an international career as a medical academic, specialising in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. He’s studied in New Zealand, London, Oxford, Melbourne, and New York. He was the first United States and then global head of medical research for a major international pharmaceutical company.

Currently 83 years old, he has never retired and is on the board of AFT Pharmaceuticals and clinical advisory committees for Ryman Healthcare. He is a skilled science communicator and a leading expert on ageing; he produces a podcast series called Aging for Beginners, gives public lectures, writes blogs for Ryman and Age Concern and makes regular appearances on Kim Hill’s Saturday Morning radio show on RNZ National. At age 70, Doug realised his long-held dream and began a new career as an author: he has now published eleven much-loved children’s books and one for adults: a nonfiction book called Aging for Beginners.

My Books

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