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Ageing Well

How to Navigate Life’s Journey in Your Later Years

This guide to ageing explains how to navigate the issues that can arise in our later years and shows how to deal with them and live a fulfilled and healthy life.


The years after the age of fifty are often seen as years of decline, but they certainly don’t have to be. You can live a fit, healthy, happy and vibrant life as you age – if you know how.

Dr Doug Wilson, medical teacher and researcher, has spent 30 years monitoring the scientific literature on ageing. In Ageing Well: How to Navigate Life’s Journey in Your Later Years, he explains what may hinder your enjoyment as you grow older and what may help. He provides a clear path through the minefield of information on ageing in this well-researched and highly readable guide to making the optimal use of your later years.

Wide-ranging topics cover the science of ageing; social and psychological issues; the health challenges we are likely to face and how best to manage them; and the fundamental changes in lifestyle that have been shown to improve the enjoyment of later life. General topics also discussed include finances, accommodation, dating for seniors and ageism.

Importantly, this book shows that age is not just about longevity; it is the art of living well, making the most of the time we have, and finding ways to enhance our happiness and overall sense of fulfilment.

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