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Aging for Beginners

Getting older in today's world - what it means for you

While that old saw ‘There are only two things certain in life — taxes and death’ remains true, nowadays it seems we are paying taxes longer and living longer!


Both of these come with attendant worries and strains,
all set against the unsettling babble of conflicting scientific evidence and advice. This is the more anxiety-producing as most of us want to live not just longer, but better; living to our fullest potential, not just surviving courtesy of being hooked up to the latest technology.


In Aging for Beginners, Dr Doug Wilson cuts through the fads and fallacies to concentrate on the core issues and the physiological and psychological reasons behind them. Armed with this information, we can plan for our older years to be golden years, not tarnished, confused or stressed years.

For three decades Doug has monitored the scientific literature as it relates to ageing, and the conditions that may interrupt your enjoyment of that process. His background as a physician, a scientist, and a developer of new drugs, he's  well placed to distil clear messages from the huge forests of data that exist and confuse.  


The ageing process is common to all species, and our internal time clocks have clearly given us a range of living years to enjoy. Of course, by luck, or smart living, some of us have a greater, more profitable and enjoyable life span than others. The outcome is not entirely under your control. How long you live a healthy life is very strongly influenced by your own individual decisions, your lifestyle, and your smarts.


The book is intended to spell out the range of issues, good and bad, that you will face, and suggest ways to assess these, adapt to them, and eventually accept your only choices are the cards you been dealt. Aging for Beginners covers the bad things to recognise, and the personal intervention you can do to prolong your life, reduce your risks of many diseases, and clearly avoid premature death.

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