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RNZ Interview: Doug Wilson - Walking your way to better aging

August 2, 2019

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5 Sep 2019

For years, the thought of living forever has been the subject of fascination. For many of us, it conjures the image of old billionaires being cryogenically frozen, but instead of living forever, what about living healthier for longer?

A simple tr...

2 Aug 2019

Dr Doug Wilson has a medical degree from New Zealand, a PhD from the University of London and has pursued postgraduate work and medical research globally. He currently consults and acts as the chief medical officer for Ferghana Partners Group, w...

19 Apr 2019

Dr Doug Wilson chats to The Cafe's host Mel Homer about his book Ageing for Beginners.

26 Jun 2018

Former 'Big Pharma' boss Doug Wilson distills three decades of international research to give the best tips in his guidebook Aging For Beginners. The 81-year old biotech consultant says dementia is the world's greatest medical problem.

Read Doug'...

19 May 2018

Taupo-based Dr Doug Wilson is the chief medical officer for Ferghana Partners Group. At the age of 70, Wilson, who is dyslexic, began a new career as an author. After writing nine books for children, he switched genres, and his latest work is ca...

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