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Who Becomes a Children's Writer?

Who becomes a children’s writer? What sort of person has the mix of imagination and madness, plus the final discipline to get this stuff down for others to read and hopefully enjoy? All ages and all sorts apparently. Enthusiastic mothers, fathers who have always wanted to write, and now have their in house audience, clever artists who needed someone to join them to add the words, individuals anxious to improve the lot of kids by encouraging them to read, and where possible by adding important life messages. Some kids quickly reach the stage when they can write their own stories, and bless them for their drive and fresh imagination. JR Tolkien of Lord of the Rings, and his great friend: CS Le

Taupo Features in Explosive New Book

The lake became a cauldron. Steam exploded from different sites, crashing boulders splashing and hissing as they fell into the water. The great mountain rumbled before it tore itself apart, its peak disappearing as Ruapehu spewed the Earth's molten innards into the sky.Becoming a bestselling children's author and an award-winning biotechnologist was not the easiest of career paths for Dr Doug Wilson, especially given his struggle with dyslexia. Read full article here.