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Health Central article - Aging for Beginners – How to enter the twilight years successfully

The author of a new book on aging, Dr Doug Wilson, shares some insights with ANNIE GRAHAM-RILEY on how to accept the aging process.

Dr Doug Wilson has expertise in many fields. Once head of Medicine and Regulatory Affairs for pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Wilson is also the author of several successful children’s books.

He is now sharing his wealth of knowledge on aging – and how to do so successfully.

His new book, inspired largely by the longevity of his parents who lived to the age of 97 and 99 respectively, gives practical advice to guide readers gently into their golden years.

Aging for Beginners draws upon research Dr Wilson stumbled upon whilst working at Oxford University’s Radcliffe Science Library. Here he discovered “extraordinary clues” about factors which led to aging and he has been wanting to discuss his findings ever since.

“I’ve kind of been busy the last 30 years” Dr Wilson laughs.

Dr Wilson’s book follows a set main principles and navigates a myriad of challenges that may be difficult for the aging population to face.

Read the full article on the Health Central website.


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